Escola Pia Tàrrega: See you James!


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dimecres, 22 de juny de 2016

See you James!

Ahir va ser l'últim dia del James Mullard a la nostra escola, ha compartit molts moments amb nosaltres i li volem agrair la feina que ha fet durant aquest any.
Ell ha escrit unes paraules, que sortiran publicades a la revista de l'empresa on treballa, us les deixem aquí per si les voleu llegir.
Moltes gràcies!

For me, Escola Pia Tàrrega was more than a school, it was a community and I enjoyed every moment that I spent working there. Everybody from the staff to the students was extremely friendly and enthusiastic from the first moments and made me feel hugely welcome with dozens of hellos and good mornings every day. Escola Pia is a mixed age school, with Infant, Primary and Secondary levels. I can honestly say that I loved working with all of the children, even if the classes themselves varied quite a bit and learned different skills working with the different ages that I otherwise wouldn’t were it not for the diversity in ages. 

The English department at the school were fantastic, I learned lots from all three of the main teachers, particularly my tutor Tatiana who guided me through the first few weeks and gave me more responsibility as I got more confident in the classroom. I have developed many new skills and had so many experiences during these past nine months under the guidance of the teachers and I have a lot of respect and admiration for them. 

I found the way that the school was run very inspiring. The older students help the younger ones and there is a lot of interaction between the age groups that I found endearing. For example, there was a group of students from Secondary level that helped me with some of the Infant classes that I taught without the main teacher and it made what would have otherwise been very daunting instead a lot of fun and I am very thankful for them for this. There were lots of other little things like this that I liked about the school. The children seem to have lots of respect for each other as well as good relationships with the teachers.

I am going to miss working there very much. I feel like I built strong relationships with the staff and hope to keep in touch with them. I also think I did with the students and I sincerely hope they all grow up to be successful and happy adults.